Amazon Expanding Its Operation In Ottawa Canada

CANADA – Amazon has verified the building and construction of a distribution storage facility eastern side of Ottawa. The brand-new structure is going to feature over 300 thousand square meters, and also will likely employ over 600 individuals full-time.. Despite the fact that there are currently 8 Amazon marketplace centers inside Canada, this will definitely […]

Gathering Natural Honey From The Beehive 

Undoubtedly the entire reason to put together, preserve, and also stock a beehive is simply to collect Natural honey . One will certainly recognize when it’s time to harvest the sweet nectar the moment you look inside some of your beehives and see they are filled of natural honey which your bees have protected using […]

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  Our Story and Privacy Policy ICT World news is a leading news provider from New York City, NY with an office in  Ontario Canada. Our Newspaper is widely respected for its focus on local news and watchdog reporting, particularly on state government and politics. ICT World News has won numerous state and national awards for […]