Gathering Natural Honey From The Beehive 

Gathering Natural Honey From The Beehive 

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Undoubtedly the entire reason to put together, preserve, and also stock a beehive is simply to collect Natural honey .

One will certainly recognize when it’s time to harvest the sweet nectar the moment you look inside some of your beehives and see they are filled of natural honey which your bees have protected using wax caps.

At this time all one needs to do is take out the honey from the combs.

Gathering your honey will not be an issue provided that you put on all of the beekeeping garments, try to use light tinted clothing (beekeepers testify that light tinted clothing provide a relaxing affect in bees) and they in turn remain serene or calmer.

Whenever the super has lots of capped nectar combs you need to take out the honey bees directly from this super.

Certainly there are chemical substance readily available on the marketplace which are going to make this simpler.

One preferred substance which beekeepers make use of so as to take out honey bees from the super is Bee-Go.

All the keepers need to do is administer Bee-Go to a fumer.

The moment the bees smell the Bee-Go they fly down to the base of the hive, leaving behind the hive filled with capped honeycombs to be harvest.

One more product line keepers make use of in order to clean out the bees is referred to as Fishers Bee Quick. Neither one of these kinds of product lines hurt the honey bees, the bees merely find the fragrance offensive and go far from it.

Prepping The Hive For Natural Honey

The initial step is to take out the wax caps bees made to seal the nectar into the honey comb.

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Natural Honey in the great outdoors, as organic as it gets

Lots of bee-keepers generally make use of 9 frames rather than 10 within their supers. By utilizing 9 frames these people offer the honey bees sufficient space so as to pull the comb out, putting the cap directly on the edge for the comb.

Clear the wax caps

Bee-keepers work with a metallic knife in order to take out the caps, the blade does the job most effectively when the knife blade is generally heated, it goes without saying it is much easier to slice warmer wax then it is to trim cool wax.

Individuals could always keep the knife cutter warm and comfortable by regular dunking within a container full of warm or hotter water.

Numerous beekeepers prefer to make use of their bread knife to remove wax caps from combs, while at the same time, some others prefer an electric knife which is created specifically for beekeepers.

Removing caps from combs and draining the honey is actually very easy, merely make use of a piece of cheese-cloth to drain the honey right into a 2nd container, the nectar is going to drain thru the cheese-cloth and also the honey bee’s wax caps are going to accumulate on the very top.

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The Heated knife to scrape off the wax from the comb.

As soon as the caps are taken out from the honey comb the nectar is undoubtedly all set to get removed.

As you take out the caps, allow them to drop in to a container, don’t through these out.

There is an unexpected quantity of nectar affixed to these types of caps, honey which could be refined and also made use of.

Additionally, there is a market for the wax caps.

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