Thursday, September 20, 2018

US News

Trump will “write the true book” of his Government

The president, Donald Trump, said Monday that he will be responsible for “writing the real book” about his government in response to the prestigious journalist Bob Woodward, very critical of the current president’s management. “Woodward’s book is a joke. Just another attack on me, in a barrage of attacks, using anonymous, unnamed, discredited sources, “Trump said […]

World News

Stopping Young Child Marriage inside the UK

The end of Child Marriages within the UK is spearheaded by Conservatives in Parliament. Recently Pauline Latham, a Conservative registered member from the UK parliament, presented a bill in order to prohibit marital relationship prior to 18 years of age throughout England and even Wales. Other folks coming from all over the bureaucratic continuum uphold […]

UN Pushing Canada to Compensate Man Tortured in Mexican Prison

The Canadian government hasn’t taken any action on compensating a Quebec man who was tortured in a Mexican prison, and the United Nations Committee Against Torture wants to know why. Regent Boily was deported to Mexico, and in 2011, the United Nations Committee Against Torture determined that Canada had violated the UN Convention against Torture. […]