September 11th, 2001 Conspiracy or Reality?

September 11th, 2001 Conspiracy or Reality?

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Because of the ability of the Internet and even live programs on TV shows, the conspiracy ideas encompassing the events of 9/11 – terrorists attacking the World Trade Centre within New York City & Pentagon have actually gone beyond those of Roswell & JFK assassination.

Who Did What and When?

Regardless of repeated assertions from al-Qaeda that they planned, arranged & coordinated these attacks, a number of official and even unofficial inquiries for the collapse of the Twin Towers was due to other reason then air-planes. The conspiracy theories continue to this day for the truth, as they have more questions then answers.

In the milder side of the sphere are the theorists that strongly believe the United States federal government had previous been warned about the coming attacks, yet did not do anything or enough to prevent them.

Various others strongly believe that the Bush government intentionally turned a blind eye to all those signals simply because it needed a pretext to start the war within the Middle East, so as to usher in one more century of United States authority or rule in that Oil and Gas rich sector of the world.

The Truth Movement 

Huge groups of men and women – jointly called the “9/11 Truth Movement” – say that a air plane did not necessarily hit the Pentagon or the World Trade Center and bring them down, plus, they say that burning aviation gasoline or fuel by itself was not capable to cause the damage that is claimed by Government officials.

This particular last bunch suggest video recording documentation reveals puffs of smoke – alleged demolition squibs – arising out of the Twin Towers in levels significantly under the air-plane impact zone, and also before the collapses.

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Is this just a Conspiracy or did this actually happen, did a bunch of guys armed with box cutters hijack air-planes and fly-them into the building causing them to collapse?

These people likewise strongly believe that, upon the day itself, the United States air force was literally intentionally ordered to stand-down or perhaps sent out on training runs to avoid interference which might have saved the lives of m ore then 3,000 individuals.

Lots of eye witness – consisting of firefighters, police officers as well as folks that were within the towers during the time – claim to have listened or heard massive blasts coming just below the air-plane impact zone (such as in the basement of the buildings) as well as prior to both towers collapsing.

Formal Investigation or Cover-up?

Just like the killing of JFK, the formal investigation in to the events – the 9/11 Commission Study – is extensively ridiculed by the conspiracy theory community and that 9/11 was truly an “inside job”.

Scientific publications have regularly rejected these kinds of theories. Yet, we seem to be getting more questions then answers.

If you have a Theory about the twin towers, let us know, we would love to hear your views or ideas.


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